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4/30/15 General Meeting

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We'll be having a general meeting today(April 30) in BO 2059 at 6:00 pm. It will be the last meeting of the semester. If you are interested in becoming more involved in ACS next year feel free to attend this meeting to see what we are about! 

4/16/15 Meeting Minutes

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1. ACS Study Guide Pre-Sale

  • We are selling the ACS study guides out of the room.
  • Prices are: $25 for general chemistry and $30 for organic chemistry
  • Make a log of everything that you sell, name of customer, date, name of who sold it, and payment method.
  • We are not selling guides at cost to friends!

 2. ACS Study Guide Table Sale 

  • a. DNA Hallway April 23, 24, 27, 28, and 29th
  • i. We NEED Volunteers

3. Scavenger Hunt 

  • Wednesday April 22nd 3:30 pm
  • Meet outside of Wolfe by the “Art”

4. Today was Election Day!

  • The following positions were nominated and voted on.
  • Speeches were given from each person
  • Nominations and Winners:
    • President – Zane Wilhelm, Patrick Schermerrhorn (Interim President)
    • Vice President – Kimberly Kohler, Michelle Klingberg
    • Treasurer – Alec Prokay, Nate Underwood (Interim)
    • Secretary – Kimberly Kohler, Ryan Bogrow, Nate Underwood

5. Demo Show El Hollingworth

  • There was a miscommunication and the demo show was not on Thursday it was on Friday!
  • Edith and some students volunteered on Friday at 2 pm

6. UTEC/AIChE/ACS – Walk on Water

  • April 27th 12 – 2 pm On Engineering Campus between Palmer Hall and Nitschke Hall
  • There will be 250 lbs. on a non-Newtonian fluid you can run on!
  • There will be liquid nitrogen ice cream and FREE CHIPOTLE!!!!!!

7. Tutoring

  • Some students have come and need help with Chemistry.
  • If you are interested in volunteering and tutoring please contact the people below with:
    • Name, contact info, and times you are available
    • Edward Batt
    • Kimberly Kohler
Contact info
Zane Wilhelm ([email protected])
Alec Prokay ([email protected])
Kimberly Kohler ([email protected])
Edward Batt ([email protected])
Robert Chung ([email protected])
Paige Pierce ([email protected])
Jonathan Tomko ([email protected])
Edith Kippenhan ([email protected])






4/2/15 Meeting Minutes

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ACS Study Guide Pre-Sale

  • We are selling the ACS study guides out of the room now and will be the week before finals.
  • Prices are: $25.00 for general chemistry and $30.00 for organic chemistry.
  • Make a log of everything that you sell, name of customer, date, name of who sold it, and payment method.
  • We are not selling guides at cost to friends!


  • The following positions are open (Candidates nominated in the meeting are in parentheses)
    • President (Zane Wilhelm)- Appoints all chair positions, plans all meetings for ACS, leads the group.
    • Chairs: Fundraising (Stephen Barnes), Social, PR (Paige Pierce), Outreach, Recruitment, Summer camp (Edward Batt), Historian
    • Vice-President- Helps the president, and fills in when the president is unable to execute his/her position.
    • Treasurer (Alec Prokay)- Keep’s accurate records of all funds, and works directly with the fundraising chair to increase funds.
    • Secretary (Ryan Bogrow)- Keep’s an accurate record of meeting minutes and attendance, is responsible for keeping members up to date, and assists other executive board members.
  • Anyone interested in a position, let us know! Assuming a officer position is a great way to develop leadership skills and add to a resume.

Upcoming Events

  • April 4: Imagination Station Volunteering.
    • Meet at 10:30 A.M. Program starts at 11:00 A.M. at Imagination Station in downtown Toledo. 1 Discovery Way on the corner of Summit and Adams.
    • We are hoping to get 15-20 UT students to help with guests.
    • We will be helping people make an egg drop that will fall 20 feet.
    • Contact Matthew Bommarito ([email protected]) if you are interested!
  • April 7: The Chemistry behind the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster.
    • Tuesday 6:30 P.M. In Driscoll Alumni Center 1019 (The big room in Driscoll, you can't miss it)
    • Nuclear engineer giving a talk on the disaster.
    • There will be a brief discussion about internships within First Energy after the general talk.
    • See the calendar invite or email us for more info.
  • April 8: Social Event Glass Blowing
  • April 9: Interim-President Nagi ACS visit
    • Thursday 6:00 P.M. In BO 2059.
    • Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends!
    • There will be pizza and liquid nitrogen ice cream along with cool demos!
    • Also with elections update
  • April 13: UTEC Presidents Round Table.
    • Monday 6:00 p.m. NE 1022
    • Three people will be able to go. Those interested ask Zane ([email protected]).
  • April 14: Toledo Local Section- Earth The Operators’ Manual
    • Tuesday 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. @ Maumee Indoor Theater (601 Conant St., Maumee, OH 43537)
    • Free and open to the public
    • We need people to go to this to for our National ACS Green Chemistry Award, a high distinction that our chapter has received for several years.
    • Rides will be available to those interested.
  • April 16: Demo Show L Hollingworth School for the Talented and Gifted
    • Thursday 1:00 P.M. Meet in the ACS room BO 2082 to assemble supplies, plan, and organize.
    • There will be about 140 students.
    • This is a great chance to learn the demos we do and prepare for the next national conference, which will be in San Diego.
    • The school is at 653 Miami Street Toledo, OH
    • If interested contact Jon Tomko ([email protected]).
  • April 16: General meeting and Elections for next year.
    • 6:00 pm in BO 2059
Research Presentation Program.
  • If anyone is participating in research at the University we are displaying people’s research on the first floor in BO. If you are interested talk to Paige Pierce ([email protected]).
  • We also need to set up more posters.
  • One more set of posters will be rotated in before the summer and will need to be returned before break. Posters will resume in the Fall semester.
Ethanol Drum Demo
  • We may need a new lighter
  • Other demos that have been done include Helium and Hydrogen balloons
  • Open to new ideas, let us know if you have any!
  • Whisk and Steel wool demo for evening shows
Recruitment Video
  • Anyone good with making videos, get in contact!
  • Needs to show cool demos, what ACS does, and generally encourage students to join
  • Need more members to potentially host the ACS Regional conference.

4/2/15 General Meeting

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We'll be having a general meeting this Thursday April 2 at 6:00 pm in BO 2059. We'll be going over some upcoming events, which includes a talk on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster on Tuesday April 7 at 6 pm, in addition to plans for the rest of the semester.

3/19/15 Meeting Minutes

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Here are the things we covered at the last meeting in case you missed it:


  • Big Event Saturday, March 21
  • ACS Study Guide Pre-Sale
    • Being sold out of the room starting March 23. All information of transaction to be logged: what course, customer name, date, member that sold it, and payment method.
    • No special discounts for friends
  • Research presentation program
    • Anyone participating in research can display their posters in BO, contact Paige Pierce ([email protected])
    • More posters from chemistry professors would be great too
  • Imagination Station Volunteering, April 4 10:30 am at 1 Discovery Way (in Downtown Toledo by Summit St)
    • Need 15-20 UT student volunteers to help children with a 20 ft. egg drop 
    • Contact Matthew Bommarito ([email protected])
  • Fukushima Disaster talk, Tuesday April 7 6:30 pm in DC 1019
    • Brief informational discussion about possible chemistry-related internships at First Energy afterwards
    • Invite friends to join, the more the better
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have scholarships available, Deadline MARCH 27
  • Tentative Demo Show Thursday April 23 at 2:00 pm
  • Tuesday April 14 7-10 pm at Maumee Indoor Theater (1601 Conant St. Maumee OH 43537)
    • Free screening of "Earth: the Operators Manual"


As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us!

3/19/15 Meeting Reminder

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Just a reminder to everyone: we are having a general meeting today in BO 2059 at 6:00 p.m. We'll be discussing ongoing and planned projects and scholarship opportunities as well. New members are always welcome to our general meetings!

2/19/15 Meeting Minutes

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Here are the notes from last night's meeting:

  • Ferro-fluid demo - Part of plan to have a cool demo at every meeting
  • Events
    • Wayne State For the Love of Chemistry Feb 21
      • If you signed up, we need you to go or if you can't let Zane (419-670-4553) know ASAP
      • In Detroit, about 1 hr away. Program from 8-3:30 with networking afterwards. Leaving WSU around 4 pm.
      • Meet at 7:15 am in ACS room BO 2082 for those going. Don't be late!
    • Heidelberg visit on February 23
      • Their student ACS chapter will be visiting UT's graduate program and would like to meet members from our student chapter.
      • Details are still not given out
    • Chemistry on the Silver Screen Webinar
      • Volunteers needed to help set-up the event in order to be considered co-host. Volunteers leave ACS room by 5:00pm
      • There will be networking with local section before the webinar, which is from 6-8 pm.
      • RSVP with [email protected] with SilverScreen in the subject line by Friday, February 20 to attend.
      • If you can't help volunteer, you can just attend the interesting talk
    • Denny's Midnight dinner
      • Friday February 27, 11:30 pm. meet at the ACS room to carpool or see the address here and meet us there
    • William Carroll, Chairman of National ACS Board of Trustees, lecture series
    • "Statistics and the Shirelles: How Physical Science Thinking Informs Popular Music Analytics." Mar. 4, 7:00 p.m. in Memorial Fieldhouse (FH 2100)
    • Professionalism Workshop Mar. 5 10:00 am - 3:30 pm
    • "Why not Shale gas or Oil" 4:30 p.m. BO 1059
      • Talk on methane fracking, related to green chemistry
      • There will be free pizza
    • Evergreen Demo Show March 7, 11:00 am
      • Science demonstration at Evergreen local library
      • About 6 students needed, RSVP
      • Likely to include ethanol drum, burning salts, liquid nitrogen, balloons, and any new demos
      • 253 Maple Street, Metamora OH 43540
    • UT Big Event
  • Research Presentation Program
    • A new program to change the old posters in the first floor of BO
    • If anyone is involved in research, we would love to show their poster to the lab students. If anyone is interested, talk to Paige Pierce ([email protected])
    • So far, we have about ten posters to show


2/5/15 Meeting Minutes

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Here are the items that were discussed at the 2/5/15 meeting:

  • Brief overview of UT StACS organization
    • Executive Committee consists of the elected positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
    • Chairs are appointed positions by president, but are often whoever desires the position
    • Include social, public relations, fundraising
    • Can appoint committees, but they must be able to work effectively
    • Anyone who is unable to fulfill there duties should let the group know ahead of time; don't promise things you can't do.
    • Always open to new members!
  • New Positions
    • Elected President: Zane Wilhelm
    • Elected Treasurer: Alec Prokay
    • Appointed Fundraising Chair: Stephen Barnes
      • In charge of study guide and goggle sales
  • Upcoming Events
    • Social Event: Valentine's party on Thursday Feb. 12 in BO 2059 at 6:00pm
      • Cookie decorating, distribution, board games
      • Anyone with cookie cutters, let us know!
      • Event open to everyone
    • Wayne State for the Love of Chemistry
      • Saturday February 21 at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI
      • Lunch and travel provided
      • Including demo exchange, career speakers, and lunch
      • RSVP by February 12 to Matt Bommarito at [email protected]
    • Chemistry on the Silver Screen Webinar
      • Hosted by the Toledo section of ACS, which is made up of professionals in the chemistry field
      • Tuesday February 24 6-8pm at Reynolds Corner Branch Library 4833 Dorr St. Toledo, OH 43615
      • Volunteers are needed to help move tables for about 10-15 minutes. RSVP with Zane ([email protected]) to help
      • Also advertise
      • RSVP to [email protected] with SilverScreen in the subject line by Feb 20 if interested in attending the webinar
    • Social Event: Midnight Denny's dinner
      • Friday February 27 at Denny's (6920 West Central Avenue Toledo, OH 43617)
      • Meet at ACS room in BO 2082 by 11:30 pm to carpool
    • William Carroll lecture series
      • William Carroll is a former National ACS president and current chair of the board of trustees
      • Statistics and Shirelles: How Physical Sciences Thinking Informs Pop Music Analytics
        • Lecture relating science and music
        • UT Campus event; in Memorial Field House 2100 March 4 at 7pm
        • RSVP to local section ([email protected])
      • Professional development workshop
        • The following day, March 5
        • Great for engineers seeking a co-op or pharmacy interviews
        • More info TBA
      • Undergraduate Lecture
        • William Carroll lecture to just undergraduates
        • TBA
        • Looking into inviting other student chapters (BG, Adrian, Heidelberg)
  • President Round Table of UTEC
    • Great for engineers to meet the department faculty, but open to anyone.
    • Up to two people, talk to Zane ([email protected]) for more info.
  • Research Posters
    • Looking in to rotating old ACS posters in gen chem lab hallway with posters about undergraduate research posters
    • If you know anyone doing research who has a poster, let us know!
  • Earth Day, Earth Fest activities TBD

If you have any questions or comments regarding this information, let us know!