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4/16/15 Meeting Minutes

Posted by [email protected] on April 19, 2015 at 9:25 AM

1. ACS Study Guide Pre-Sale

  • We are selling the ACS study guides out of the room.
  • Prices are: $25 for general chemistry and $30 for organic chemistry
  • Make a log of everything that you sell, name of customer, date, name of who sold it, and payment method.
  • We are not selling guides at cost to friends!

 2. ACS Study Guide Table Sale 

  • a. DNA Hallway April 23, 24, 27, 28, and 29th
  • i. We NEED Volunteers

3. Scavenger Hunt 

  • Wednesday April 22nd 3:30 pm
  • Meet outside of Wolfe by the “Art”

4. Today was Election Day!

  • The following positions were nominated and voted on.
  • Speeches were given from each person
  • Nominations and Winners:
    • President – Zane Wilhelm, Patrick Schermerrhorn (Interim President)
    • Vice President – Kimberly Kohler, Michelle Klingberg
    • Treasurer – Alec Prokay, Nate Underwood (Interim)
    • Secretary – Kimberly Kohler, Ryan Bogrow, Nate Underwood

5. Demo Show El Hollingworth

  • There was a miscommunication and the demo show was not on Thursday it was on Friday!
  • Edith and some students volunteered on Friday at 2 pm

6. UTEC/AIChE/ACS – Walk on Water

  • April 27th 12 – 2 pm On Engineering Campus between Palmer Hall and Nitschke Hall
  • There will be 250 lbs. on a non-Newtonian fluid you can run on!
  • There will be liquid nitrogen ice cream and FREE CHIPOTLE!!!!!!

7. Tutoring

  • Some students have come and need help with Chemistry.
  • If you are interested in volunteering and tutoring please contact the people below with:
    • Name, contact info, and times you are available
    • Edward Batt
    • Kimberly Kohler
Contact info
Zane Wilhelm ([email protected])
Alec Prokay ([email protected])
Kimberly Kohler ([email protected])
Edward Batt ([email protected])
Robert Chung ([email protected])
Paige Pierce ([email protected])
Jonathan Tomko ([email protected])
Edith Kippenhan ([email protected])






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